Gum grafting is a means by which our Langley dentists will replace your gums by applying a thin layer of your own gum to the area in recession. It will both fix the immediate gum recession issue, as well as prevent any further gum recession from occurring in that space.

In addition to its restorative measures, it also acts to help support your teeth and prevent bone loss from occurring, as well as offers a more aesthetically pleasing appeal to your smile.

Lastly, gum grafting provides a cover to any exposed root, which is vulnerable to sensitivity to temperature as well as decay.

Gum Grafting …The Benefits

Improves Appearance

As we mentioned, gum grafting can greatly improve the appearance of your smile by covering up the “too much teeth” part of your tooth.

Reduces Sensitivity

No one enjoys sensitive teeth. It’s an alarming feeling when you have a glass of cold water and sharp pain vibrates through your mouth. If your tooth is overly exposed, it’s at risk for sensitivity. Gum grafting will be a preventative measure from having this happen, as well as improve the health of your gums in general.

Improves Health of Gums

Receding gums will often not stop receding, so by addressing this concern at the first stages – you can stop it in it’s tracks, and prevent both gum recession as well as bone loss from occurring.

There are various methods by which gum grafting is conducted, and our Langley dentists can discuss this further with you upon your next visit!

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