Most of us make ‘em, and a lot of us break ‘em …we’re talking about New Years resolutions.

So how can you enter into 2015 with good intentions, and equally good follow-through? Here are 5 tips on how to keep your New Years resolutions!

Realistic Resolutions

Be sure that what you are trying to attain is in fact attainable. Trying to measure up to perfection, or increase your wealth in ways that aren’t realistic, just sets you up for failure. So make small, attainable changes that will allow you to see true growth.

Plan for Success

If you’re counting down the clock to midnight as you are jotting down resolutions, it might not be the best plan for success. Take some real time to think out your desired resolve, and then write out your goals ahead of time so they are well plotted and can be well executed.

Sharing is Caring

Tell your friends and family about your plans. Talk about them. This will put your penned words into “out loud” declarations, keeping you accountable …if only to save face. Sometimes peer pressure can be a positive thing!

Reward Your Efforts

Drudgery is not enjoyable. If you have set out goals without a margin for rewards, it is going to be a long haul before you feel success. So reward your efforts as you go along.

Devise a Tracking System

Measure your success. Literally. Keep notes on the successes you make along the way, so that even if you don’t achieve your end goal, you can pick up where you left off for next year. Any success is still success, so don’t allow yourself get down by forgetting where you started and how far you got from that starting point.

At DentistsRUs we love to share in the successes of others. We would be thrilled to hear about your resolutions, and watch you conquer your goals in 2015. Feel free to share them on our FACEBOOK PAGE and allow us to cheer you on in the New Year!