Mouthwash tends to be one of those more “optional oral care” products, and a lot of individuals are actually unsure whether mouthwash will help or hinder their oral care. The answer to that is varied depending on your age and oral care concerns. So we want to discuss the variables of mouthwash, and help dispel any myths, as well as prevent the potential over-use of this product.

What Mouthwash Isn’t

Mouthwash isn’t a replacement for brushing ones teeth. Nor is it a replacement for toothpaste or flossing. All of these oral care practices play an important part in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and guard against cavities and other more severe dental downfalls. So don’t fall prey to thinking you can swish your way to a healthy smile.

What Mouthwash Is

Mouthwash is an oral care aid. It aids in cleaning your mouth; it can assist in strengthening tooth enamel, it helps to kill bacteria, and various kinds of mouthwash can be purchased for multiple purposes regarding your teeth and gums.

Mouthwash is able to get into the spaces between your teeth and gums, and assist in removing any additional food particles your toothbrush or floss has left behind.

Mouthwash also offers fresh breath, and some mouthwashes even promise to remove stains from your teeth.

In fact, Listerine Whitening and Restoring Mouthwash is noted as offering:

“…whiter and healthier teeth in one rinse. LISTERINE® WHITENING® RESTORING Fluoride Whitening Rinse provides noticeable whitening plus the added health benefit of enamel restoration for stronger teeth.”

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