Removing wisdom teeth seems to be a procedure as old as time, but because some people still debate the necessity of this practice, we wanted to address this debate as we appreciate any and all dental concerns. So allow us to further explain the “why” behind wisdom teeth removal…

Firstly we should make it know that removing any permanent teeth is never a pleasant idea, nor one that dental professionals tend to do flippantly. Maintaining your natural teeth is our #1 priority at DentistsRUs, as removing permanent teeth will require you to either have an implant or bridge created to replace that tooth; otherwise you are left with a large hole that can cause structural concerns and jawbone issues also.

However, wisdom teeth are an exception to the rule as they are commonly removed, but only out of necessity if there isn’t enough room in your mouth to house them, and/or they have become impacted.

Are Wisdom Teeth Often Impacted?

Wisdom teeth are the most common of impacted teeth concerns – also known as a “stuck” tooth that cannot break through the gums into proper position like normal teeth.

What Causes An Impacted Tooth?

There are various causes of an impacted tooth, include abnormal tooth size, incorrect growth patterns, delayed development, inadequate size of the jaws, and other teeth getting in the way. So removing your wisdom teeth isn’t just a trend that stuck, rather it truly serves a purpose and aids in your oral health.

At DentistsRUs, we want all our patients to have happy and healthy smiles. So if you are concerned about how you or your child’s wisdom teeth might be growing in, contact one of our local dental professionals below to book a checkup!


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