The words ‘healthy’ and ‘holidays’ don’t always go hand-in-hand, and getting a break from our every day healthy decisions can be a delight we often want an excuse to indulge in, and can be a slippery slope if we’re not careful. So we want to offer you a few tips on how to maintain your health during the holidays, without losing out on the myriad of merriment that awaits!

Eat, Drink and be Merry – In Moderation

Realistic diet measures and healthy habits will ensure that you are not overdoing it, and keep you from having a “holiday from your health”, while still being able to join in and not feel like the holidays are just a solid month of temptations and little to no enjoyment.

Exercising can be a difficult decision no matter what season it is, but the Christmas holidays definitely add to that as the excuses are readily available. However, consider exercising as a way of enjoying a guiltless night out with friends, coworkers or family, where you can eat and drink without guilt due to the efforts you made earlier in the day. It’s a win win you may want to consider!

Keep your meals consistent. Although some have the tendency to overeat, others have the tendency to forget to eat. So ensure you are maintaining regular eating patterns in order to maintain your health and energy levels.

Satisfy your cravings – don’t saturate them. Meaning, enjoy yourself with the many snacks and beverages this season brings, but try not to overindulge as that will simply lead to the added weight of guilt and even add pounds to your figure. One that you are likely creating a resolution to “get in shape” in the New Year …so get a head-start and begin with a satisfied appetite, not a saturated one.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so by simply planning ahead and checking in with yourself throughout each day of December, you can arrive at a healthy and happy place once this month is through and all the festivities are complete.

Whether it’s your oral health, or your overall health, DentistsRUs is here to help steer you in the direction of optimal choices, while still ensuring your smile is merry and bright …let us know how we can help!