Oh the sweet treat of Halloween …every parent’s nightmare! But don’t fear, we have some tricks that will keep you from getting too scared over the mound full of treats your child is soon likely to acquire.

As it is, children in North America consume far too much sugar, and it is not only hard on the teeth, but it is also hard on the body as well as disease actually feeds on sugar, so consuming high amounts of it can effect your overall health.

Let Them Treat, Then Keep It Out Of Reach

Kids love seeing their pile of candy grow as the evening progresses. From the excitement of getting their costume together, to comparing ghoulish getups with their friends around the neighbourhood, Halloween is simply good fun.

That being said, we can fully understand that binging on candy the night of the big event, but grazing on candy for days after can create oral concerns.

Repeat exposure to sugar, and having it sit on your child’s teeth without brushing for long periods of time, will create bacteria in the mouth, which will turn acidic acidic, breaking down the enamel, causing plaque, worsening tartar and potentially creating cavities.

So keep the candy out of reach after day one, and consider only bringing it out on the weekends. This will minimize the impact, and allow you to prompt your child to brush their teeth after consumption.

Lead By Example

Consider giving out alternatives to candy. More and more parents are getting on board with this, and are helping their children to become excited about the alternate “treats” that might seem like a trick; such as a toothbrush or a bottle of water.

There are fun ways to make sugarless treats exciting, so help your child appreciate something new in their candy bag, and consider giving the children who come to your door a healthy candy-less option.

To minimize risk and overall impact of this sugar-laden holiday, try to keep the chewy, sticky candies to a minimum, and if possible, wash it down with a lot of water followed by an immediate tooth brushing.

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