The end of the year is coming and a lot of people still have dental treatment that needs to be done.  If you do not make use of your benefits prior to year-end, the unused portion will be lost with the exception of plans that have no dollar maximums.

We encounter a number of patients who postpone their dental treatment and wait until the situation becomes more serious.  This often leads to more expensive and invasive procedures like a root canal or, in some case, the removal of a tooth.  Teeth are different from other parts of the body in that they cannot regrow.  It is always a better choice to fix the problem while it is still minor.

Here is an example of how a person can maximum their benefits.  There is a patient who is covered by two insurance plans.  His own insurance plan has a dollar maximum of $1500 for everything.  His wife’s plan has no limit for basic dental work but only covers 50% for major dental work, such as a crown or a bridge.  The dentist has diagnosed that this patient has numerous cavities and three teeth that require crowns.  If we fix all his cavities first, he will end up paying 50% for his crowns.  In order to structure the treatments so that no payment is required from the patient, we recommend that he have all the crowns done prior to fixing his cavities.  In this way he can make use of his plan so that the crowns are 100% covered.  Once the crowns are applied, and even if he has already reached his own plan’s limit, he can still utilize his wife’s plan for his cavities.  Her plan has no limit for basic dental treatment.

When you have two or more dental plans, insurance companies share the responsibility of paying for eligible health and dental expenses by determining which of these plans is primary and which is secondary. The primary plan considers the claim first and the unpaid balance is then considered by the secondary plan. Benefits are coordinated between the two plans to ensure that you receive reimbursement for up to 100 %
of your eligible expenses.

We have experienced staff here to advise you on how to make good use of your dental benefits.  Every plan is different, so feel free to contact us to find out how to get the most out of your benefits plan before the end of the year.

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