At DentistsRUs, we understand the desire to have a perfect smile for summer, so we’re hear to help you achieve that …and here’s how!

Clear Up Your Eating and Drinking
If it would stain your white summer dress, it will stain your teeth. So clear up the food and drinks that will tarnish your white smile, and stick to consumables that are healthy and stain-free!

Darker Lips, Whiter Smile
Try on a cherry chap-stick for size, or go bold with a dark berry shade of lipstick and watch your teeth grow lighter as the shade goes darker!

Brush, Floss, Rinse, Repeat
That basic oral care routine your mom (and dentist) always reminds you of – which is to brush, floss and rinse regularly, will help to keep your teeth healthy and white for the season ahead!

Seek Professional Help
An at-home teeth whitening kits can lead to oral concerns, so skip the worry and head to any of our DentistsRUs dental professionals in the Lower Mainland for a teeth-whitening treatment today!

Consider Bonding
If you have broken, chipped or stained teeth, bonding can be an excellent wait to fix and brighten your smile quickly. Call any of our DentistsRUs offices below to inquire!

Consider Veneers
Elect to have a veneer makeover and see the difference it can make. Whether your teeth are stained, misshapen or even crooked, veneers can help cover up these types of concerns, and our DentistsRUs dentists can help!

Consider Braces
Gone are the days of “metal gear” as it pertains to braces. Now straightening your teeth is easier than ever with Invisalign – offered at our DentistsRUs offices across the Lower Mainland!

Find a Dentist Who Cares
Finding a dentist who truly cares about your oral health and personal wellbeing is paramount to being happy with the outcome of your visit to the dentist. And at DentistsRUs, we’re confident in the dental professionals we promote to the community, and look forward to helping you achieve your perfect summer smile!

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