Finding the right dentist can come with a list of criteria that may be difficult to check off, which is why DentistsRUs wants to help you narrow down how to choose the right dentist for you in the Lower Mainland

A lot of times people may ask family or friends, or their local neighbours or coworkers who they use for their dental needs, but if you are moving to a new community – finding a recommendation may grow more difficult.

So what should you look for when choosing a dentist?

Long Term Relationship Potential – staying with the same dentist year after year will not only aid in your oral health, it might also lessen the cost of dental expenses such as: new X-rays, oral imprints, whitening trays, dental history in general, or other such things that your longstanding dental professional will keep records of – helping to keep a better “all-over” landscape of your oral health.

Hours and Availability – if you work a hectic schedule and need a dentist who works later hours or even weekend, this also should be an important detail to consider. There is nothing worse than having to wait months on end with an oral concern, or wanting to get in for a quick teeth whitening treatment over some free time on a weekend.

Modern Office and Up-to-Date Training – there is a lot to be said in having a dental professional who has taken care of your mother, and her mother before her …but having a dentist who is trained with the latest “freezing” techniques, or teeth straightening treatments, or even things like sedation dentistry – can really help to make your dental experiences positive, and have you returning regularly to maintain your oral health.

What Kinds of Anesthesia is Offered – another piece of information well worth asking, especially if you are one more prone to a phobia of dentists.
Most importantly – visit the dental office of your choosing. See if it “feels right”, and offers a space you will be comfortable having your dental work done within for years to come.

At DentistsRUs, your health care and confidence are of utmost importance to us, and with a wide variety of well-trained dental professionals across the Lower Mainland offering modern dental practices, we are confident you will feel at home and happy with the service you receive.

So stop by any of our offices most convenient to you, take a look, ask some questions …and find the right dentist in the Lower Mainland for you!

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