Let’s face it; dental procedures have not always been the most pleasant of processes. Even in recent history, wisdom teeth extractions, teeth straightening, and other invasive dentistry – was not all that comfortable.

However, modern dentistry has come along by in leaps and bounds, essentially nearing spa standards as it relates to the level of comfort that is maintained in a dental chair today. Whether it’s undergoing an anesthesia in order to not be aware of the process whatsoever, or enjoying some BOTOX while at your dental professionals …these are all advances that have been made in modern dentistry.

What came before these advances though, and how did even the simple tools of oral care come into be? Well let’s find out shall we…

The Birthing of the Toothbrush

Moms have been telling their children to brush their teeth as far as a time when toothbrushes were made from small sticks and twigs. These sticks and twigs would be mashed at one end to create a broader scrubbing surface – and hence, the toothbrush was birthed.

Although the Chinese have laid claim as being the first civilization to create the bristle brush, it’s documented that Europe actually had bristle brushes as early as the 17th century. This then made its way to colonial America, where dental professionals of the day were advising their clients to use this type of brush for better oral care.

The Birthing of the Electric Toothbrush

We might think electric toothbrushes are a modern dentistry tool, but they actually arrived on the scene back in 1880 when the Swiss created the technology post World War II. It was then brought into the US in 1960, and a short year later – a cordless version was created, becoming an increasingly popular toothbrush option to this day.

The Creation of Toothpaste

Toothpaste was used in ancient civilizations, and was comprised of powdered fruit, burnt or ground shells, talc, honey and dried flowers. For some reason, mice, rabbit heads, lizard livers and urine were also ingredients sometimes used …and although they likely served a purpose, we can’t imagine they were a flavour of choice. Unfortunately, many of these toothpastes contained corrosive elements that dissolved tooth enamel, so oral care was not at it’s best in these days.

Modern toothpaste emerged in the 1800s, and included ingredients such as soap and chalk. Then, in 1892, the collapsible tube was patented, laying way for the pump dispenser in later years.

Proctor & Gamble came on the scene in 1956, introducing fluoride toothpaste well known as the Crest toothpaste many households use today.

Modern or historical dentistry, one thing remains true – good oral health is an imperative part of overall health. At DentistsRUs we provide an array of dental professionals who are available to help you maintain your oral health …so give any one of them a call today to assist you!

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