Your teeth are surrounded by a tissue known as gums. In addition to this, your teeth are stabilized by your jawbone. However, both of these are at risk if you suffer from gum recession.

Bone loss and gum recession work hand in hand. That is, if you have receding gums, the likelihood is that you are also at risk for bone loss.

There is no pain involved in either of these processes, so it can go virtually undetected by the untrained eye. However, your New Westminster dentist will be able to detect it quite quickly.

As mentioned, gum recession and bone loss work hand in hand, so if you have noticed your gums receding, you should go into one of our many dental offices immediately to have that addressed.

Under normal conditions, your teeth are protected by your gum covering. The tissue that your gums are comprised of is known as keratinized gingival. Keratinized gingival is pink in colour and has keratin, a major component of one’s hair, skin, and nails and contributes to their how strong this tissue and the growth of these things will be.

Apart from the kertanized gingival, is what is known as alveolar mucosa. Alveolar mucosa is delicate and shiny in appearance, and makes up the lining of your cheeks and underside of your tongue as well.

Your gums can become damaged and even recede for a variety of reasons, one of which being from chewing too rigorously. As silly as that might sound, when you chew very quickly, there is a risk for your gums to become scraped or cut based on the type of foods you are consuming.

In addition to this, if you are brushing to rigorously, and with a toothbrush that is “hard”, it can also scratch and damage your gums. Always choose as soft bristled brush, as it will provide the sufficient means to clean your teeth.

Genetics plays a huge role in many factors of the human condition, and that goes for your gums as well. If your parents had strong thick gums, it is likely you will also.

However, as mentioned above …there are other factors why your gums might recede, so maintaining regular dental visits to your New Westminster dentist is an imperative part in ensuring your gums are healthy, and you are not at risk for any kind of bone loss.

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