Let’s face it; traditional gifts in our modern society have somewhat lost their luster. With the ability to buy what we need at a moments notice, waiting for Christmas morning simply is not the reality any longer. Which is why coming up with creative gift-giving ideas is a popular choice for 2016!

Invisalign Teen – Replacing Traditional Practices with Modern Solutions
A straight and healthy smile is something that is always desired and never goes out of style, so helping your teen achieve such a smile is a great investment and a thoughtful gift your teen might actually smile about.

Like most teens, your teenager likely lives an active and social lifestyle, with sporting activities, dance practice, drama and/or music classes …and many other such things. Which is why having a teeth straightening system that is both removable and invisible can help to alleviate any social awkwardness, while providing convenience that traditional braces simply cannot.

Teen Invisalign Explained
Invisalign is a method by which the teeth are gradually straightened with retainer style aligners. These aligners are intended to be worn all day every day – until which time the teeth have completed their straightening process. They are allowed to be removed during eating and brushing, but the flexibility of Teen Invisalign allows for the removal of these aligners for sporting events, speaking engagements, social settings and other such things. Although this will slow the straightening process, it is not detrimental to the treatment – but rather convenient and comforting for your teen.

At DentistsRUs, we are here to help your entire family achieve a healthy smile, and we think that Teen Invisalign might be just the gift your child could benefit from – both now and years to come. As the song says: “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” …and at our many dental office locations below, we would be thrilled to help those “two front teeth” to become straight and healthy this holiday season!

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