Flossing holds many benefits beyond optimal oral health, one of which being a more youthful appearance.

Did you know that discolouration between your teeth, and especially cavities in those spaces, can make you appear up to 10 years older? The yellowing effect that a lack of flossing can create is both unsightly, as well as creates an increased risk for decay.

Everything In-Between

Although you might feel your electric toothbrush is an “all-in-one” device, it does not take the place of manual flossing. A waterpik can perhaps replace your daily manual flossing routine, but a toothbrush itself does not have the capacity to get in-between the spaces of your teeth where food particles lingers and bacteria builds. So ensure you are using the appropriate “tools for the trade”.

The Yellowing Effect of Plaque

Plaque can get in-between your teeth just as it lingers on the outer layer of your teeth, and if it sits there for long periods of time, it hardens and becomes tartar. This hard yellow substance results in the yellowing effect of your teeth, and having a clean exterior of your teeth with all the crevices being riddles with plaque and tartar, does not a beautiful smile make.

Plaque, Tartar, Decay and Gingivitis

If plaque, tartar and decay were not enough to frighten you into flossing, consider the risk of gingivitis. This can lead to red, swollen and smelly gums, potentially perpetrating periodontal disease and the eventual loss of your teeth. Not ideal that’s for certain.

At DentistsRUs, we know that taking proper care of your teeth includes regular flossing, and in doing so you can help to reduce aging teeth and maintain a more youthful appearance.

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