As we discussed in our previous blog post, dental sealants can benefit both children and adults alike. They make no cosmetic difference to your teeth, and range in colour from clear to white, or sometimes have a slight tint depending upon the dental sealant used.

The Process of Dental Sealants

Before a tooth sealant is applied to your teeth, your tooth surface will be thoroughly cleaned of all remnants with a spinning brush and paste. After which, your tooth is washed and dried thouroughly. Then an acidic solution is placed on the fissured area of the tooth’s chewing surface for a number of seconds before being rinsed off. This creates small microscopic areas for the sealant to adhere to, and “roughs up” the enamel so that the dental sealant will attach to the tooth.

Liquid dental sealant is then placed on your tooth, and becomes hardened by using a special light that hardens it. Your tooth becomes fully sealed once this process is complete, as the dental sealant becomes a hard plastic varnish coating.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last

The effective use of dental sealants has been utilized for nearly 50 years, and throughout that time it has been shown they can help prevent decay, lasting for many years on your teeth. For adult teeth, sealants will need to be replaced from time to time, as they do ware, but children often lose their teeth before this becomes an issue.

Fluoride & Dental Sealants

As we previously mentioned, fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay. As such, some might think that – with tooth sealants – they will no longer need fluoride treatments. However, there are your other teeth to consider, and those teeth will benefit from fluoride treatments. As well, only the pits of your teeth have the sealant on them, so the surrounding area can also benefit from fluoride treatments. So ensure you are still having regular fluoride treatments, regardless of your dental sealants.

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