Dental pain is not an enjoyable experience for anyone, and the threshold of such pain can be variable for everyone. Understanding what constitutes an emergency, or what can be booked for a near-future appointment, is all part of understanding your dental emergency.

Cause for Concern

Often times, pain can be triggered by hot or cold foods, especially if you have recently received a filling. In addition, clenching your teeth, chewing your food vigorously, and grinding your teeth, can all attribute to tooth sensitivity as it wears down your enamel.

The same can be said of a dislodged crown or lost filling. Even if you don’t have any pain being caused by either your lost filling or crown, your tooth could quickly become further damaged – potentially causing both pain and creating significant costs. The more quickly you can get in to see a dentist, the more likely they will be able to repair your tooth or teeth without further incident.

Attention Required

If you suddenly injure your teeth or gums, this should not be ignored. This type of injury to your oral cavity would be considered an emergency, and a dental professional should be contacted or ideally seen immediately. Nerves or blood vessels could be damaged, and the risk of infection is a serious concern.

If an infection occurs, it can quickly spread to parts of the neck and head and cause health problems. Although rare, life-threatening infections can occur.

Rule of thumb – if it is causing significant to severe pain – it is an emergency.

Emergencies Addressed

Dental emergencies are addressed differently depending on your dentist and dental care provider. However, a simple phone call into one of our DentistsRUs clinics will allow you to speak with someone, to see if you should seek treatment immediately, or schedule an appointment to see one of our local dental professionals sooner than later.

Although your repairs might not be to full capacity during your initial visit – as it pertains to fixing a chipped tooth that might require a cap or bridge – we can still create an aesthetically pleasing tooth for you with synthetic materials available to us in-office as an interim solution. No need to go around with a missing tooth for days.

So regardless of the severity of your emergency, it is worth calling DentistsRUs to locate a dental professional in your community. We can provide a phone consultation, and have your oral concerns quickly addressed.

We look forward to helping you, and keeping you smiling in a pain-free and healthy way!

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