With Fathers Day fast approaching, we have to give fathers credit where credit is due. Although it use to largely be mom’s job to raise the children, we are all aware of the shared responsibilities in present day household. Both parties tend to be employed, so chores and child rearing is addressed by both mom as well as dad.

The traditional family has changed, and it now includes a variety of individuals within a family who take care of and ensure children are being attended to. Single moms and single dads are a fast growing family group, and are put to task with the juggling act that usually falls on two parents to handle.

At DentistsRUs, we understand and appreciate family diversity, so giving props to dad is definitely a must – Fathers Day or any other day. Recognizing all the hard work a dad does, and the increasing tasks they have and are taking on, should be a consideration throughout the year.

Dads, Kids, and Oral Health Care

As it pertains to oral health, we thought there was no harm in giving the dads out there a little added guidance on how to keep your child(ren) engaged with their teeth brushing routine.

Sometimes leading by example takes less effort than continually telling your kids to do something. A family oral care routine can be the solution to repeating yourself about teeth brushing habits and techniques. Taking a few minutes to brush in the morning, as well as brush and floss in the evening, will get everyone in the family on board, and lessen the requests and complaints on whether or not teeth brushing was done that day.

The Health Benefits of “Me Time”

Often mothers are praised for their selfless motherly deeds, but there are definitely some unsung hero’s out there that come in the form of a dad. That being said, gaining a little “me time” for dad is an important part in maintaining the healthy flow of family life. “Me time” can increase positive mental health, and relieve stress simply by allowing yourself a chance to go to the gym, or spend a couple hours with the boys.

Even if it is 5 minutes of quiet time with a cup of coffee in the morning, or 30 minutes of circuit training a couple times a week …creating healthy “me time” habits can greatly impact the effectiveness of your day, and the effective overseeing of your family affairs in general.

So this Fathers Day, reflect on all you’ve done the past year, how you’re going to approach the coming year, and how to implement some “me time” within that.

From all of us at DentistsRUs …have a Happy Fathers Day!

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