How To Create Easter Memories Without the Candy

At DentistsRUs – we love a reason to celebrate, and we want to help you enjoy such celebrations as Easter without any negatives effects to your healthy smile. Which is why we want to offer you these ideas on ‘How To Create Easter Memories Without the Candy’!

Of course we would never want your children to go without the delight of an Easter egg hunt, but just as Valentines, Christmas and Halloween come chalk full of sweet treats, so too does Easter. So we’re here to provide you with alternatives to a basket brimming with sugar that will have your kids hopped up for hours, into healthy treats and activities that will go easy on their teeth.

Add a Side of Healthy to Your Treats
A bowl of fruit is not likely going to excite your child the way a massive chocolate bunny might, but by combing them both, you can turn a stand-alone chocolate bunny into a fun-filled fondue that the whole family can enjoy!

Buy Sugar-Free Treats
There are many sugar-free chocolate and candy alternatives offered now, and although they are mainly geared towards diabetics or those on a diet, they can actually provide a nice alternative to the refined sugar-laden candy, and it will appear no differently to your child.

Make the Hunt Worth the Journey
Everybody loves a treasure hunt, and it usually doesn’t even matter what the treasure is that your kids are hunting for. So consider filling those colourful plastic eggs with ‘treats’ such as stickers, or coupons for great activities they can cash in at another time, or clues leading to the final treasure – which could be a fantastic activity that will distract them away from the fact that they didn’t even unwrap a single chocolate.

Although parents often feel as that they might deprive their child of an experience if they forego the marshmallow bunnies and/or chocolate eggs, kids are more flexible than we give them credit for, and creating healthy memories will far outlive any candy-laced moment for certain.

These may be simple ideas, but we hope they have offered you some additional Easter fun ideas. Ones that you can enjoy with all your friends and family this Easter …and we wish you fuzzy feel-good one!

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