Teeth can chip or crack for a multitude of reasons. From biting down on something too hard, to blunt force trauma to the face or mouth – whether from falling or any other number of impacts, to large cavities that weaken the tooth …even biting into a bagel can crack a tooth. It’s never a pleasant sound or experience, and when a tooth chips or breaks, you often want a solution immediately.

What To Do

There is no home remedy for a cracked or chipped tooth, you need to see a dental professional for that.

It should be noted that a chipped tooth might not hurt right away, but a cracked tooth can often expose the root due to the enamel being split, causing immediate pain and/or sensitivity to hot and cold, biting and even air.

So if you have a broken or cracked tooth, see your dentist as soon as possible. They will be able to fix the problem and remove the pain quickly, ensuring no added damage will occur to that tooth or your surrounding teeth.

Treatment Options

If the crack is towards the surface of the tooth, it can be corrected, and a crown will be used to fix the tooth. Deeper cracks will often require a root canal, and can alleviate pain such as sensitivity to cold and hot.

A chipped tooth will be filled accordingly, with little to no concerns surrounding it.

Understanding your options is important, and having an open and candid discussion with one of our DentistsRUs dental professionals, is step #1 in addressing your questions and concerns. From there we can give you a better understanding of what to expect, and the success rate of such decisions …or refer you to an endodontist for further treatment options.

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