An impacted tooth has many “cause and effects” …and our Port Coquitlam dentists can help you both understand, as well as address these concerns.


Emerging teeth through the gums begin at infancy, and around the age of 6 those teeth are lost and adult teeth begin to emerge.

If a tooth is only partially emerged, or fails to emerge at all …it is known as an “impacted tooth”.

Wisdom teeth are of course the most common types of impacted teeth, and they usually emerge (or attempt to) between the ages of 17-21.

There are a variety of reasons why a tooth might remain stuck and cannot emerge. Overcrowding can be an issue, creating no allowable room for your tooth. Or the jaw might be too small for any additional teeth. Also the wisdom tooth might be twisted under your existing teeth and is growing in an improper position to emerge.

Although impacted teeth can be painless and cause little to no trouble, they can also be a culprit behind trapped food, plaque buildup, and other debris in the soft tissue around it, leading to inflammation and tenderness of the gums and unpleasant mouth odor. This is called pericoronitis.


–       Bad breath

–       Pain in the jaw

–       Difficulty opening the jaw

–       Headache

–       Swelling

–       Bad taste in mouth

Our Port Coquitlam dentists will be able to examine your mouth, and via dental x-rays – be able to determine the growth position of your impacted tooth or teeth, and from there be able to give you an idea of which procedure would work best to address these concerns.

Sometimes the position can be determined from examining and feeling that area in the mouth, but other times a special x-ray (3D Ct scan) is recommended to better localize the exact position of the tooth within the bone in order to better assess the situation and to guide appropriate surgery.

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