Running to the dentists for every oral concern is not often a common reality. In fact, a lot of people will leave their dental treatments until they are in an unbearable situation.

Unfortunately, tackling your teeth under emergency conditions like these can cause you greater harm, and end up costing you more for corrective dental work.

The key to a healthy mouth is maintenance; so allow us to help you better understand the signs and symptoms of Common Tooth Problems Worth Checking Out.


Any kind of toothache is usually a symptom of a concern. Waiting for it to dissipate simply means the body has absorbed the discomfort somehow, but there is likely still a concern festering. So visit your dental professional at the first indicator of discomfort.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth doesn’t just look odd, it also carries with it great dental concerns. A chipped tooth is a weakened tooth that can become increasingly cracked or chipped if left untreated, and this can lead to you losing the tooth entirely. It also can be incredibly painful quite quickly, as the enamel is partially stripped, and blood vessels and nerves could be exposed – which might require a root canal to correct. So visit your dental professional immediately if you have a chipped tooth, and prevent further damage and increased costs.

Cracked Tooth

As with a chipped tooth, a cracked tooth also holds a risk for greater damage to occur quite quickly. Once again, this tooth has become weakened by its condition, and can easily break along the seam of that crack. If the crack extends into the gums, you are at risk for losing this tooth entirely. So see your dentist as soon as you notice any type of crack in order for them to stop it in it’s tracks, and correct the concern immediately.

Temperature Sensitivity

Although you might consider temperature sensitivity to be a common oral concern, sometimes it can be an indicator that your tooth is decayed. Also, worn tooth enamel, a lost filling, or a fractured tooth can also cause you to have sensitive teeth, and are all conditions worth looking at.

At DentistsRUs we want to ensure you tooth concern doesn’t become an active problem. We provide you with a variety of dental professionals throughout the Lower Mainland who can offer you a dental checkup, and have you on your way with a healthy smile in no time!