If you have missing teeth, bridges, partials and dentures are no longer the only option that is available to you. Dental implants can replace a missing tooth …“root” and all. Not only do they provide an esthetically pleasing appearance, they also act as an aid in your mouth too. By having an implants where a missing tooth might be, it ensures that your bone does not deteriorate around that space, and keeps your jaw in the same kind of structure as if you were to have your own natural teeth.

Caring for Your Dental Implant

Your dental implant is placed within your jawbone, and –as with your natural teeth- your dental implant needs to be cared for also. Whether that’s brushing or flossing, these teeth are in place beside your natural teeth, so they need to be cleaned in the same fashion in order to keep debris free from this shared space.

In addition to regular cleaning, you will also need regular checkups in order to ensure your teeth are maintained alongside your dental implants.

Dental Implants – Additional Information You Should Know

–       Multiple visits to your dental professional will be required in order to assess, implant, and care for your new teeth

–       Checkups will be scheduled throughout the year after you have had your implants

–       Extra care should be taken with implants, in order for the implant to be a full success and to be aware of any concerns they might be causing

–       Implants can cost more than other forms of teeth replacement procedures, and this procedure might not be covered under your dental plan …so be sure to talk to your provider first

–       As with any medical or dental procedures, complications surrounding the implant can occur such as: bleeding, infection, numbness in the muscles or sinus cavity…so ensure you have a full discussion with your dentist before moving ahead with this kind of procedure

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