Halloween is filled with fun …and, of course, sugar. Apart from the concern of sugar-induced energy, parents also worry about the impact of what large quantities of sugar-riddled candy will do to their children’s teeth.

So we thought we would help you map your way through the candy-filled festivities, and keep everyone happy and healthy.

Burnaby Dentists on Candy vs. Cavities

Although sugar is a contributing factor to decay, denying your children these sweet treats at a time when “everyone is doing it” can be difficult. As the saying goes – everything in moderation. Clearly you don’t want to hang on to a pillowcase full of this gooey-goodness for months on end, allowing your child to snack on the sugar substances on a daily basis …so make sorting through the candy a collective activity. Perhaps offer to let them pick their favourites, and then put aside certain chocolate for a fondue night – including some healthy fruit options in the mix, and organize the rest as you see fit.

Although our Burnaby dentists don’t encourage waste, sometimes tossing unhealthy treats that will not be missed, can be a healthy choice.

Treat Time

Instead of allowing your child a free-for-all smorgasbord of candy for the next “however long”, create a candy day. This builds anticipation and makes it worth the wait, and also limits the amount of concentrated sugar their teeth are exposed to.

Throw In Some Extra Brushing

This is a great time to heavy up on brushing. Meals and candy binges alike, keeping teeth free of debris will also help to keep them free of cavities.

Utilize Disclosing Tablets & Solution

This is a fun time to use disclosing tablets or solutions, to help your kids spot bacterial plaque on their teeth. These chewable tablets temporarily stain the plaque that builds up on teeth, and shows them the areas they are missing when they brush.

Our Burnaby dentists understand the concern parents might have surrounding Halloween and “all that candy” …but by implementing the above tips, you can better ensure healthy kids and happy parents.

From all of us at DentistsRUs, we wish you all a Happy Halloween!

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