Dental Sealant Benefits

A dental sealant is a plastic surface coating placed on your larger back teeth (molars and premolars) to protect them from potential decay.

Because molars and premolars have many grooves in them, food is more likely to get trapped in these grooves for longer period of time, thus creating a greater risk for decay to occur.

These grooves or “pits” can be too tight for your toothbrush to fit into, and plaque can become trapped in there. The acidic properties in that plaque and the bacteria it contains, will attack the enamel of the tooth or teeth, which then creates cavities.

Although fluoride is known to help prevent decay and protect the surface of your teeth, dental sealants add to that protection, providing a protective layer to the surface of your teeth. Filling in the grooves and pits results in a smooth surface over your molars and premolars, ensuring that food cannot become trapped.

Who Is Eligable for Dental Sealants? Burnaby Dentists Explain

Children are often the most likely candidates for dental sealants. Keeping their teeth healthy during their growing years will ensure that their overall health is better maintained, and that the adult teeth that will later erupt, are not as risk for transferred decay.

Molars and premolars erupt straight through until eleven to thirteen years of age, and any chewing surface of a tooth can be sealed to prevent decay. Although it’s less common to place tooth sealants on adult teeth, they are sometimes recommended for adults with deep groves, and without fillings on the teeth in question.

Both adult teeth and baby teeth can benefit from dental sealants, and one of our Burnaby Dentists can further assist you in uncovering if you would be a fit for dental sealants.

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