Ironically, it seems as though our “before bed duties” have a tendency of waking us up. Duties such as making the bed or brushing your teeth will reportedly take you from a sleepy state into an awakened one, interrupting what should have been a sound snooze.

However, a new study conducted by neuroscientist – Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University, uncovered that brushing your teeth in the dark can actually help you sleep better at night.

Bathroom Lighting – a Hindrance to Your Head Space

Fluorescent lights are hard on the body at the best of times, but undergoing your brushing routine under fluorescent lights in your bathroom can awaken your body. Thus, a dimly lit or even dark bathroom will help keep your body in the mood for slumber, and not jolt your senses awake with artificial lighting.

Mood Lighting – a Sleepy Time Necessity

Mood lightening does not just set the tone for restaurants, concerts, haunted houses and other such outings and events, it also helps your mind and body respond to the simplest of processes such as brushing ones teeth.

Getting enough sleep within the hectic schedules of modern day society is imperative for optimal immune function, concentration, and overall wellbeing. So whether you are scrolling through your newsfeed on your phone or computer directly before bed, or brushing your teeth under harsh fluorescent lighting, consider changing these habits to dimly lit wind down activities, and allow your mind and body to adjust to the evening hours accordingly.

Especially as winter draws near and daylight dwindles, it is important to maintain similar light patterns for your body to allow it to be consistent in its sleep cycles. If you have been feeling tired with the time change, know that your body assumes it is night time once the light begins to fade, so keeping your space bright and cheery in awake hours, and tranquil and dimly lit as bedtime approaches, will help t0 regulate your body more readily, and allow for the appropriate sleep patterns to ensue.

DentistsRUs aims to provide you with a variety of helpful information in the hope that it will shed new light on topics worth considering. Ideally this tiny tidbit will aid in your slumber, and you can enjoy a more restful nights sleep moving forward by implementing these suggestions!