Eating the right kinds of food can aid in the overall health of your teeth and gums. From helping to keep plaque to a minimum, to preventing periodontal disease and gingivitis …keeping your teeth and gums healthy with the following foods will better ensure your optimal oral care.


Strawberries are actually considered a citrus fruit and are full of vitamin C, which aids in the health of your gums. Collagen is better produced when vitamin C is present in your system, and is a key in maintaining your gums’ strength, resulting in overall better health. As little as 5 medium sized strawberries can produce more than 70% of your daily-suggested amount of vitamin C.


Although oranges might seem overly acidic, this vitamin C rich fruit packs a punch and is great for your gums – strengthening blood vessels and connective tissue, including the connective tissue that holds your teeth in your jaw. It also helps to reduce inflammation, which assists to prevent gingivitis

Wild Salmon

The healthy fats within salmon are good for many reasons. Salmon contains vitamin D, which aids in the absorption of calcium – helping to protect your teeth and gums from disease.


Water is a life-giving source for your body in general, but your teeth benefit from it also as it helps to wash away food and sugary substances from your teeth.

Saliva is also a good defense against tooth decay because it contains proteins and minerals that counteract acids that attack your enamel. Water contributes to the production of saliva, as saliva is made up of 95% water, so it is important to stay well hydrated.

So during your next grocery trip, keep these foods in mind for better oral health!

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