Happiness (you’re ability to be happy) is largely related to your overall health, and your mental wellbeing plays into your physical wellbeing (including your oral health) in many ways.

Although stress is the common denominator of everybody living on planet earth, everyone tends to deal with it in different ways. Whether their dealings are based on their upbringing, their peer group, or a multitude of other criteria – people simply deal with stress differently.

That being said, there are ways in which to manage stress so it is not an all-consuming, long-stranding reality. From breathing exercises, to support groups, to social distractions that include some form of exercise, to exercise itself …finding out ways to reduce stress and alleviate it’s affects, will better ensure that your overall health is staying in check, and hopefully – in balance.

There is usually no way to eliminate stress altogether, as life presents it in all kinds of surprising ways. Even if you were to win millions, this might take care of financial concerns – which are often one of the biggest stresses, but other concerns would arise in its place.

So How CAN You Reduce Stress?

Perspective if often the best way to reduce ones stresses. Being able to see obstacles as opportunities, instead of yet another way the world is out to get you, can turn your grey skies a fresh shade of blue.

A rainy weekend could mean a chance to reunite with friends and play old-school board games indoors; instead of the outdoor bike ride you had planned. Or bigger still; the job loss you just endured might be a gift – forcing you to finally take the leap into the self-employed dream business you have never had the nerve to attempt, whilst in the safety of the long-term career you just lost.

So although we recognize stress is real, often the effects and outcome of that stress can be relieved through perspective, and offer you a new reason to smile. After all, they say a forced smile can trick the brain into thinking you’re happy …so force a smile, and perhaps true happiness will soon follow.

We leave you with a quote from an ‘Unknown’: “Sometimes your smile is the source of your joy, but sometimes your joy can be the source of your smile”!

From all of us at DentistsRUs, thank you for being a part of our community of care.