We’ve all heard the saying: “laughter is the best medicine” …but is it actually true? We know for sure that it feels good to chuckle heartily, that it makes others feel good to be in the presence or participate in a solid belly laugh, and that tension can be eased easily with a knee-slapping guffaw …but apart from the smiles it brings, can your body actually get “better” from such giggles?

Two different doctors from the Loma Linda University of California discovered that laughter does in fact offer healing properties, and here are just a few…

Laughing Reduces Stress Hormones

The stress hormone – cortisol is released when you are under the weight of life’s concerns. AKA – stressed, which can give you a sense of panic, cause pre-mature aging, and envelope you with a dried up mood.

However, laughing counteracts those effects, and releases you of tension and anxiety almost immediately. Along with these benefits is also an increase to your immune system functions, lowering of your blood pressure, and the release of endorphins – which act as natural painkillers, allowing your body to both recover as well as stockpile a healthy resolve internally!

Laughter Helps Your Heart and Works Out Your Abs

It’s true. Laughing is a great abdominal workout. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried “stop, my stomach hurts!”. That stomach pain is actually your abs expanding and contracting, helping to tone your abdominal area without even hitting the gym! In addition, laughter is a great cardio workout as it gets your heart pumping, and even burns similar calories per hour as would a low-impact workout. Who knew?!

Laughter Boosts T Cells

T cells are responsible for special immune system functions, and laughter can actually activate these T cells, aiding in immediate assistance to ward off sickness and infection.

So whether you suffer from chronic pain, endless stress, or even aren’t physically able to workout …laughter is both a natural “medicine” as well as a great way to get your heart and head pumping with all the good stuff your body needs.

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